We believe in sustainable choices for a happier planet.

We are a small team who believes in doing right by people and our planet.  Which means supporting the small guys first – the farmers and good people around the planet who like us, also believe in doing things right – ethically, sustainably and healthy. 

It also means we believe in promoting a diversity of sustainable choices – from plant-based to organic and grass-fed dairy options to reducing food and packaging waste, because it takes a community, all making small steps together to make change.


Say No to food waste

By eating well, staying active and reducing food waste, we each do our part to contribute to a better tomorrow. We take fresh veggies, that might have a few imperfections in shape or size, and rescue them from being thrown away.

This produce is turned into your favorite Happy Planet Plant Based Meals. We are happily helping to reduce food waste in Canada by including these nutritious upcycled vegetables into our products.

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced


We are passionate about providing you with great food that is as natural, organic or non-GMO as we can get it, using ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. Each and every one of our products is carefully crafted, from the ingredients we choose, down to the suppliers we partner with. Our goal is to find ethical and sustainable suppliers who grow tasty and nutritious food while doing their part to spread happiness.

Our Mornin’ Oatz Shakes are made with fonio, an ancient grain that thrives in areas affected by climate change. This also allows us to support our farmers in Africa with fair wage.


BYE BYE Pesticides 


Proudly made with ingredients grown and farmed using, sustainable, organic or non-GMO and synthetic pesticide-free practices. Making our planet and your body, happy and healthy.  A win for your taste buds and a win for the health of our planet. It’s important to us to find the best possible ingredients for our food, sourcing both sustainably and ethically.

Our range of organic soups are packed full of globally inspired flavors, that are traditionally made with authentic, fragrant ingredients.

Sustainable Packaging


Happy Planet is making it’s move to more sustainable packaging. We have lofty goals for our products, and we are aiming to reach them all by 2025. One of those goals is better, more planet friendly packaging, and we’re well on our way with our new pouches from BioFlex.

This little pouch packs a punch by producing renewable biogases 22 times faster than regular plastics. When this pouch reaches the landfill it increases biogas production that can be captured and used for energy to offset fossil fuels, to power electric cars or even your home!

Our new Plant-based Wellness Meals are a simple way to eat well, and be a partner in the responsibility of sustainability.  It’s a goal we all can share.


Plants for the (Happy) Planet


Scientists tell us that the shifting towards plant foods is not just healthier for your body, it helps our planet by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, water and land usage. Getting more plants into your diet is one of the biggest and tastiest things we can do to reverse the effects of climate change.

We’re here to support you along the way with easy, delicious options like our newest super soups from our eat.good. collection. These soups were created with people and the planet in mind. Choose plants for the planet and make it a happy one!