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We’re serious about our “Heritage” cows … our brown cows produce highly nutritious milk that is also amazingly creamy.

The reason we are serious is that the Happy Planet Creamery  products are all made with  this delicious organic grass-fed milk sourced from “Heritage” dairy breeds . These, Jerseys, Brown Swiss and Guernseys are known not only for their superbly creamy and flavourful milk, but also for milk full of healthy benefits.

These breeds thrive in pasture-based settings, so their milk has a richer and more flavourful taste with a higher nutrition content. Their milk has a higher percentage of butterfat, calcium, beta carotene and omega-3s than modern domestic breeds like Holsteins (white and black cows). Today, 90% of our milk comes from heritage breed cows; our goal is to increase this to 100% heritage.

How special are our cows?

Jersey milk has 18% more protein, 20% more calcium,  and Guernsey milk contains 12% more protein and 30% more cream than “average” milk.


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