Don’t skip breakfast
—shake it up.

Get all the goodness of a
bowl of oatmeal, on the go.

The goodness of a bowl of oatmeal,
that’s better for the planet.

Packed with 10g of protein, 3g of fibre and 10 vitamins and
minerals from sustainable super grains like oats, fonio, hemp and flax.

Chocolate Banana 
Get in my belly!

Mango Peach
Get Peachy keen!

Field Berry

All the taste with less sugar.


Did you know that the top 10 sugary breakfast cereals in Canada contain over 17g sugar, and very little protein? 

And the leading breakfast shake brands also contain high sugar and things you don’t want to eat for breakfast like corn maltodextrins, corn syrup and artificial flavourings. No thanks!

We have 25% less sugar (vs. the top 10 sugary cereals in Canada) and over 10g protein to start your day. 

We also only use clean and simple ingredients that are good for you, like oats, fruits, dairy and supergrains like Fonio, Hemp and Flax and never any artificial colours or preservatives.

We also think this is the best tasting breakfast shake you’ll ever try – here’s a coupon to try it and tell us what you think!


Rise and snooze, and snooze, and snooze and shine.


Everything you love about sit-down breakfast, on-the-go.

Each shake contains the equivalent goodness of a bowl of oats, like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, but without the preparation and the need to sit down.

Grab the smaller one on your way out the door in the morning or share the larger carton with your family at breakfast! 


Wakey wakey without the wastey.


Our sustainable oats and super grains are good for you and the planet too.

  • We’ve added ethically sourced fonio – a highly sustainable super grain from Africa, that is able to grow in climate challenged environments. Each sip helps our farmer friends in Africa get fairly paid.
  • Our oats are grown sustainably, and their hulls are upcycled for other purposes.
  • And, we are keeping our planet happy with cartons that are made with paper board, a renewable resource –from responsibly managed forests.

Together we’re making this planet happier and heathier.