Soul Bowl


Happy Planet is serving up delicious, fresh 100% plant-based meals. Nourish your body with a plant-based meal created in our kitchen with 14 g protein and 12 g fibre from red kidney beans, sweet yellow corn, green beans and superfood buckwheat.

Each 2 serving pouch is made by Bioflex and helps to convert landfill gases into usable bioenergy that has the potential to power 48 million electric cars a year! These pouches are created with fewer resources and are made to be thrown in landfills and as they breakdown the packaging can be converted to clean energy. This energy can be used to offset fossil fuels to heat homes or provide energy to the grid.

Water,Tomatoes, Kidney beans, Potatoes, Sweet corn, Green beans, Green Chili Pepper, Celery, Onions, Rice, Buckwheat, Tomato paste, Spinach, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Salt, Yeast extract, Cane Sugar, Chia seeds, Paprika, Turmeric, Black pepper, Oregano, Cayenne chili pepper, Thyme.

Nutritional Information