Food Banks Presentation

During last fall and winter we rolled out a programme called ‘Help Us feed the Hungry’ which was a key part of our Grow for Good initiative.  How it worked was simple - every purchase of Happy Planet Fresh Soups would help us donate $20 000 to various Food Banks throughout Canada.

This March we were able to present a cheque for $10,000 to Food Banks Canada, and cheques for $2,500 each to Abbotsford Food Bank, Chilliwack Care & Share, Chatham Outreach for Hunger and Moisson Rive-Sud.

’We’re tremendously grateful to the tens of thousands of Canadians who supported the ‘Help Us Feed the Hungry,’ campaign” said Happy Planet Co-founder Randal Ius. “This was a true partnership effort.”

“Happy Planet’s support will truly make a difference in the lives of Canadians in need” said Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada.  “Their donation of $20,000 will directly support Food Banks Canada’s and four local food banks’ initiatives which help relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow for the almost 850,000 people across Canada who rely on a food bank each month.’

15th March, 2014