Compassion into Action 2012

The Compassion into Action Event is an annual fundraising event organised by the Greater Vancouver Foodbank and Nature's Path Foods.

It's a community initiatve designed to raise money and food to help feed those most in need. 
We really looked forward to being part of this event and on October 3rd, Happy Planet staff were busy preparing and serving our delicious hot soup and fresh juices all day at the makeshift cafe to help raise funds and awareness. 

The hard work paid off and everyone's collective efforts raised almost $16,000 in cash on the day (which amounts to almost $48,000 worth of food) – nearly four times as much as event day last year.

Compassion Into Action has generated $118,000 worth of food this year already! Food which is used by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society to feed the 27,000 people who depend on them every week.

3rd October, 2012, 6am - 4pm
Vancouver Art Gallery - North Plaza, Vancouver BC