The goodness of a bowl of oats, that’s better for the planet

Packed with 10g of protein, 3g of fibre and 10 vitamins and minerals from sustainable super grains like oats, fonio, hemp and flax that you can enjoy on the go. Shake up your morning routine with these yummy options:

Chocolate Banana, Field Berry and Mango Peach

Feel Good food for happier people and planet 

Clean Protein Shakes
Organic juices
Organic & Non-GMO Soups
Organic & GRASS-FED Creamery 
Plant Based Meals

Proud to make great tasting food that is
good for you and the planet too.

These are our 5 values we believe make a happy planet!


Say No to food waste

At Happy Planet, we are always looking for ways to reduce food waste, from the ingredients we use in your favorite products, to donations we make in local communities. Sustainability never tasted so good.


Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

We search for the best possible ingredients from farmers and suppliers who farm ethically and sustainably, no matter where in the world they are. 


Bye Bye Pesticides

Proudly made with ingredients grown and farmed using, sustainable, organic or non-GMO and synthetic pesticide-free practices. Making our planet and your body, happy and healthy.

Sustainable Packaging

Happy Planet is making its move to more sustainable packaging. Our new pouches produce renewable biogases that can be used for energy to offset fossil fuels–and that makes our planet happy.

Plants for the planet

Eating more plants is a choice that can reverse the effects of climate change by reducing gas emissions, water and land usage. Choose plants for the planet and make it a happy one.