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It’s our Happy Planet goal to strive to make each day a little better for our people and planet. We want to help our communities do good and eat good! Our new Plant-based Wellness Meals are a simple way to do so, the pouches they come in have the potential to power! BioFlex is making large scale sustainability more possible than we could have imagined, if we captured all the energy potential from 38.4 million tonnes of annual plastic waste in North America and converted it to electricity, we’d be able to power 48 million electric cars a year.

Happy Planet is making it’s move to more sustainable packaging and more sustainability overall for our people and planet. We have lofty goals for our products and we are aiming to reach them all by 2025. One of those goals is better more planet friendly packaging, and we’re well on our way with our new pouches from BioFlex.

BioFlex™ packaging is made to fit into your daily schedules and normal habits. Believe it or not, we encourage you to throw this beautiful package in the garbage while you heat your meal. From there, it begins it’s incredible journey to helping our planet by producing renewable biogases 22 times faster than regular plastics. That means, when your soup pouch ends up in a landfills, it increases biogas production that can be captured and used for energy to offset fossil fuels or to power electric cars or even your home!




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