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Turmeric is a key ingredient found in our new and delicious Extreme Gold smoothie.  Why turmeric, you may ask?  Consumers are increasingly looking at functional foods to address health concerns and avoid sickness. Turmeric is trending and there is now an abundance of studies which evidence the benefits of this mighty golden spice.  Turmeric is a great source of Curcumin – the active ingredient which is thought to have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Other benefits of turmeric include; acting as an anti-oxidant, regulating blood sugar levels, relieving arthritic pain and alleviating digestive issues. An ideal dosage of powdered turmeric form is said to be 2-4g per day.

Our Extreme Gold has 750mg per 250ml serving which equates to 1/3 of a consumer’s daily dosage and contains coconut cream and black pepper which are both thought to help to increase the bio availability of the active ingredient curcumin within. Turmeric is also full of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, iron, calcium, zinc and copper amongst others.


Here at Happy Planet we are passionate about providing you with great food that is as natural and organic as we can get it, using ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. Each and every one of our smoothies, juices, and soups is carefully crafted, from the ingredients we choose, down to the suppliers we partner with. We strive to find suppliers who grow tasty and nutritious food while doing their part to spread happiness.

The turmeric we source from Green Source Organics is Fair Trade certified and Organic. It originates from India and Nicaragua. Green Source Organics take full responsibility for a process that ensures the plants are sourced and grown in a sustainable manner, using organic farming practices (no nasties added!) to create botanical extractions for the health of the people and the planet. Fair Trade practices not only help ensure that growers get a fair price for their produce but that no unsafe, unfair or child labour practices are utilised by the growers. In addition companies are required to ‘invest’ in the local community by paying a Fair Trade Premium which helps to improve the quality of the growers lives.

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