Can we let you in on a little (not so secret) secret?! This year we resolved to make 2019 our most souper year yet!  And no – that wasn’t a typo. Not only did we hit the refresh button on our soup packaging, we also conspired with a soup chef to enhance a handful of our most popular flavours

Picture this: fragrant fennel and cumin sauteeing on the stove, steam rising off of a pot of sun-kissed Italian tomatoes, and the delicious smell of sweetcorn infused with smoky paprika… cue growling stomachs *everywhere.*

With the mission of uniting Torontonians, Haligonians, and Vancouverites alike, our fresh soups are made in small kettle batches right here in Canada. They also come in a variety of belly-warming options, so no matter your preference – organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, or vegan – there’s a flavour for you!

And speaking of flavour, you can rest easy knowing each one is made with premium, wholesome ingredients, without any preservatives or anything artificial. So, whether you need to grab and go, or are sitting down to reconnect with those you love most, you can confidently raise your spoon and dive into our #FeelGoodSoup.

Here’s a little more about our favourites…

Moroccan Chickpea Soup

Sauteed fennel and cumin are just the start! We also
included our own Ras-el-hanout for an extra kick of spice.




Organic Tuscan Tomato Soup – A forever favourite, we’ve filled this classic soup with plump and juicy tomatoes, the freshest basil, and just a touch of garlic.




Thai Coconut Soup
This authentic Thai soup is packed full of delicious spices, including galangal and red curry

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