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Here at Happy Planet we are passionate about providing you with great food that is as natural and organic as we can get it, using ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. Each and every one of our smoothies, juices, and soups is carefully crafted, from the ingredients we choose, down to the suppliers we partner with.  We strive to find suppliers who grow tasty and nutritious food while doing their part to spread happiness. One of these purpose-driven companies is Farafena, where we proudly source Moringa, a key ingredient found in our Extreme Green smoothie.

Why Moringa? One of the world’s most nutritious foods, Moringa is a raw, gluten-free vegan whole food that is an incredible source of vitamin A, fibre, magnesium, and calcium.

Who is Farafena? A family-run business with deep roots in Africa, Farafena collaborates with more than 850 women from over 9 African villages to help them achieve financial independence. The effects of this are tremendous, improving the health and prosperity of entire communities and whole villages. Traditionally women farmers walked miles into the village to sell very little product and all processing was done by hand. Now, Farafena collects the product directly at the village level and provides communities with equipment like threshers and de-huskers. This helps empower women farmers to start micro-businesses, as well as build homes for their families.

The Nchenga Village – The Moringa we use is specifically sourced from the Nchenga village where incredibly hard working women do everything from harvest Moringa from trees, through to washing, drying, and bagging it.  They keep 100% of their earnings, and we are told that selling Moringa to Farafena has allowed women, for the first time in their lives, to be economically active. These women farmers are now earning a take home wage 3x the average in Malawi! It is groundbreaking change like this and companies like Farafena, that we are so happy to support.

To learn more about the harvesting process and the women behind it, watch the video filmed in Nchenga, Africa.

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