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Yerba Mate, or mate as it is more commonly known, was first consumed by the indigenous people of Southern Brazil and Paraguay. Its use throughout South America became more wide-spread during European colonization in the 16thand 17thcenturies. The mate we source is 100% organic and grows in the wild among the local plants and animals. Traditionally the leaves and twigs are used to brew a tea and it contains a variety of polyphenols (anti-oxidants), xanthines (including caffeine, but less than coffee) and is a good source of potassium, magnesium and manganese, as well as amino acids.

At Happy Planet we strive to find suppliers who grow tasty and nutritious food while doing their part to spread happiness.   We are passionate about making food that is as natural and organic as we can get it, using ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. Each and every one of our products is carefully crafted, from the ingredients we choose, to the suppliers we partner with. One of these purpose-driven companies is Triunfo, where we proudly source Yerba Mate, a key ingredient found in our Extreme Energy smoothie.


Who is Triunfo? Triunfo do Brazil is a century-old family business that has produced organic mate in Southern Brazil for four generations. Their unique location is the only place in the world where mate can grow naturally which is very important to this company whose mission is to maintain a rich and biodiverse environment. They don’t use any chemical products on their plants, are 100 % organic certified and support sustainability in all they do. Triunfo has also earned a Fair For Life Certificiation which promotes fair and decent working conditions as well as local community development in the regions where they run their business. In addition Triunfo control the entire production process from seed to final harvested product and can therefore identify the origin of every sack, a really important way to ensure that their sustainable growing and harvesting practices are implemented at every step.

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